A Social Media Free March

A Social Media Free March

Way way back when, I used to “Go Dark” for a week during the summer turning off all electronic devices for one week.  In the spirit of that “movement,” but accepting that things have changed and that is no longer very feasible, I’ve hatched a new plan.

For the month of March, I am giving up social media entirely. That means:

  • No Facebook
  • No Facebook Messenger
  • No Twitter
  • No Instagram
  • No Snap Chat
  • No Google + (This one will be easy, as I haven’t used it in years.)
  • No LinkedIn (Again, not all that difficult.)
  • No Slack (For those of you at CMConference last week.)

I use most of the above tool both personally and for ministry. I dabbled with the idea of continuing to use them for ministry but eventually decided that would defeat the purpose of this experiment. So, I am going to delete the apps from all of my smart devices, remove the book marks from my computer and use all of that extra free time to spend with my family, read a little more and focus on my ministry at Hope 4 Hurting Kids.

You will still see some activity from me, but rest assured all of that is automatic (for example, when a new article is published), and I won’t be using the vehicles myself.

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The 30 Day Gratitude Challenge

You're invited to participate in my first ever Gratitude Challenge. From March 2 through March 25 we will focus on the people and things in our lives that we are grateful for, why we are grateful and what life would be like without them. In five-ten minutes a day, we will shift our focus from the negative aspects of our lives to the positive and create a lasting record of the stuff that matters most to us.

Here's how it works:

1. Spend two minutes a day thinking about something or someone that you are grateful for.

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Circle with Disney – Peace of Mind in a Little White Box

Circle Product 3 circle-blue For the last few months, I have been telling anyone who will listen about a new product I have been beta testing. Without fail, after listening to me rant and rave about how awesome it is, they’ve asked me where they can get one. I would have to explain that it was still in testing and not yet available to the public. Well, I am excited to announce that is no longer the case. Circle with Disney is now available for purchase at meetcircle.com and you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to buy one for your home.

What is Circle?

Circle with Disney is a device that reimagines how families use the Internet.  Managed through an iOS app, Circle with Disney is a tool that helps parents stay informed about their kids’ online activities and limit screen time on every device in the home, including smart phones, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles. Circle with Disney pairs easily with your home Wi-Fi and gives parents the ability to filter content, set a bedtime for devices, and even completely pause the Internet. Each user’s profile and settings can be completely customized based on age and parents’ preferences.

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CMConnect Conference Closing General Session

It's ashame to see this conference come to an end, but all in all it has been extremely successful for its freshman year. I am looking forward to coming back next year.


Keys to mission:

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Fresh Start – A Story of Ministry Burnout and Recovery [CMConnect Conference 2015]

Description: Struggling and overwhelmed by all you need to do? Showing the warning signs of burnout? Church planter, and former Preschool Pastor, Steven Dilla and Jason Tilley share his stories and offer practical solutions to leaders who want to thrive.

When you burnout, that is not your ceiling. That is not your limit. God is not done with you.

A scripture reading plan is a big deal. It pushes you into the things you are uncomfortable with.

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Media in Ministry – [CMConnect Conference 2015]

Description: We live in an increasingly digital world. Discover how children’s curriculum providers are using this new media in their resources without compromising depth of teaching. Come learn, listen and ask questions to our panel of experts.

What God blesses as a supplement, He curses as a substitute.

Bible literacy is our greatest problem today, and the issue isn't with kids…it's with parents.

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CMConnect Conference Main Session #2 – Beth Guckenberger

cmconnect conference Note from this presentation are likely to be very sparse. Beth Guckenberger is a gifted speaker and storyteller, and every time I have seen her in the past, I have been so captivated by her stories that note taking takes a back seat. Tonight was no exception, but here are some of the gems from her presentation:

rhino 02 God doesn’t always come in the wind. He doesn’t always come in the earthquake. He doesn’t always come in the fire. He shows up in the still small voice.

We need to come into that posture before God where we don’t need the big show, but the intimate closeness.

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